francophile friday: company for christmas

Since it is francophile friday and it is Christmastime and I am in Williamsburg, I thought I would share with you a quick bit of colonial American history.

In 1781, Williamsburg welcomed French soldiers into their town. They had recently helped G.W* and the Americans kick some Cornwallis butt at Yorktown.** Ever since Virginia's government had moved to Richmond, Williamsburg had been lacking in entertainment and the locals were pretty down considering all the destruction from the war. So when the French got there, they partied hard.***

From November through the spring, they went on hunts, ate lavish dinners, and went to fancy parties. Virginians taught the French about cockfights and crabbing. They played card games in the taverns.

Once the French left in July, Williamsburg slipped back into a quiet town once again.

* G.W. is what George Washington's homies used to call him. (Ok maybe I am just making that up.)
** My British grandmother is once again to get cross with me about reminded her that the Americans beat the British a couple hundred years ago. She is still totally bitter about it.
*** In colonial times, partied hard was synonymous with "absorbed in gaieties." (Ok, I am sort of making that one up too.)

Do you love colonial history as much as I do?

{image and info from here}

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