blogger blitz at urbana

Sunday night was Blogger Blitz DC! It was so great to meet all the fabulous DC area bloggers. I just wish I had more time to chat with each and everyone of them. My camera was acting really funky so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but here are the ones that (kind of) turned out.

the beautiful booklets that {av} made . . . sparkly name tags are the best kind of name tags . . . drink: the dc metro . . . jenn from going the distance and pinky from pink persistence . . . megan from the freckled italian and sarah from sunlight after rain . . . {av} from long distance loving, katelyn from the eclectic tradtionalist, courtney from BB to 79th, kelly from washington prep, cara from i dabble, and me!

The night was held at Urbana at Dupont Circle. I definitely want to try it with some friends next time I am in DC. It had a very swanky atmosphere and an extensive wine list.

And, in case you were curious who was there, here is the list of the bloggers in attendance:

ashley from heart of life
ashley from luce
cara from i dabble
carly from college prep
chelsea from life is a sunset
courtney from bb to 79th
gabbi and mandy from we love food
julie from julip made
katie from i'll take two
kelly from washington prep
kelsey from the capital barbie
lauren from dc girl in pearls
leanna from omg i'm back in dc
lisa from bud & leo
mclean from deacon does dc
meg from mimi + meg
megan from freckled italian
megan from deviled megs
melissa from cupcakes omg
pinky from pink persistence
raqel from dream out loud
rosa from rosa loves
shannon from the scribble pad
tina from east.love.west
tonia from the chatty momma
whitney from cheerios and beer
maizie from chic done cheap

And a very special thanks goes out to {av} from long distance loving for putting this wonderful event together!


  1. They turned out well! Do you mind if I snatch a couple of them? It was so nice to meet you; I'm glad we were both early!

  2. absolutely! go ahead and use them. if you could just link back that would be awesome!

  3. these are simply incredible photos, Morgan! I am so so glad you took the time out of your crazy schedule to join us...I can't wait to do it again soon! much love! xoxo {av}

  4. One day I will go to one of these! I'm so dang shy.


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