better-for-you products, part 2

I have been trying out more natural and organic beauty products and I have some more to share with you. You can part one here.

1. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel: I picked this up on a whim at Target. I try not to wash my face everyday because I don't want to dry it out but I love using this with my Oil of Olay Cleansing Brush to exfoliate my skin. I like using this in the morning since the sweet orange fragrance really wakes you up. Vitamin C is the signature ingredient which helps protect the skin against free radicals and also promotes collagen and elastin production. The Avalon Organics brand uses natural and organic ingredients and has an environmental commitment to reduce their footprint.
Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes. The price is right and it smells so good!
2. Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum: My friend's sister works at Naturopathica and sent me some samples to try out. I fell in love with this product so I had to order it. I have had very dark under eye circles my entire life and I have never found a product as good as this. The serum goes on thick so you only have to use a little bit with each application. It has certainly helped brighten the darkness under my eyes and I think it has taken the puffiness away too. I use it in the morning under my make-up and also at night. The Naturopathica Brand only uses natural ingredients, never tests on animals, and has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
Would you recommend it to a friend? Absolutely! I am in love with this product.
3. DevaCurl No-Poo Shampoo: I stumbled upon this when I was in Ulta one day. Since I am so in love with their curl gel product, I decided to give it a try. It is kind of strange at first since I am used to a shampoo with a lather but I like it. DevaCurl products are 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free.
Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes. Although I haven't seen a change in my hair, I am sure it has with my curls.
4. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion SPF 15: I love using this in the morning since it wakes you up with the orange smell. I also feel like this gives my skin a glow. This moisturizer is perfect for winter but I am still on the search for one with SPF 30 for the months when I am outside more.
Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes. I love it!
5. Boots Botanics Organics Lip Balm: At first, I thought this lip balm was weird. It was kind of grainy making it feel almost like an exfoliant instead of a balm. But I accidentally left it out in my car on a a really hot day and the next time I used it, it was really smooth and I liked it.
Would you recommend this to a friend? Maybe. I am confused on whether or not I just bought a dud. If they are normally smooth then I think this is a nice affordable organic lip balm.

Have you found any good natural or organic products lately? I am still on the lookout for a good natural or organic mascara that is inexpensive.


  1. Found your blog through Elements of Style! I LOVE the Avalon Organics Vitamin C range - I've been using their heavier cream at night for a while now and recently converted to their face wash. After reading this the SPF lotion is next on my list! Thanks for a great post - I am committed to trying to buy more natural/organic products, too.

  2. ooo, good ideas..... i am so bad about finding new beauty products.

    post script- you totally should make those flats; i probably am as well, though i am definitely going to do what diana did, and only glitter a small area. i feel like the whole shoe would be doomed for failure.


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