2011 holiday gift guide: the tomboy

1. I won a holga camera this summer from the blog, A Beautiful Mess, and I love it! It is very lightweight and it is kind of fun to have to wait to develop the film. I am not finished a roll yet, but I can't wait to see how my pictures turned out.
2. I love the rustic look of the Sydney Hale Co. candles and their unique scents. I am not a huge lover of floral scents so I love that you can find smells like cedarwood and vanilla - a perfect scent for the tomboy.
3. Every girl needs a bag. Our splurge item is this backpack that is perfect for any situation.
4. Keep your tomboy warm this winter with this cute and snugly bomber hat. I think I am going to have to break down and get one for those extra cold days.
5. I love all my Moleskine products. Get her a set of these classic notebooks to jot down her musings.
6. And, of course, every tomboy needs a striped tee. It is a classic, just like her style.

What would you add to the list? What item is your fave?


  1. How cool that you won the Holga camera - congrats! I love the smell of cedarwood & vanilla... that candle sounds awesome!!

  2. i need a moleskin, my sketch book is almost completely filled up!


  3. Love that striped shirt! And how cool that you won that camera!!

  4. boots! A tomboy loves the practicality of boots.

    Great ideas for a gift guide. It leaves me inspired.

  5. Nice! I've had my eye on those candles for a while!

  6. Ha I like all these things and actually asked for two of them... maybe I'm bit of a tomboy myself. It was great meeting you tonight!


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