2011 holiday gift guide: the kids

1. The Tegu Block set is not your ordinary set of blocks. They have magnets in them so kids can really build some interesting designs. Plus you can feel good about these blocks: they are made from natural, non-toxic materials and the wood is harvested in a sustainable manner.
2. When I saw this huge, squishable owl, I just fell in love. He looks kind of ornery, doesn't he?
3. This set of alphabet crayons are perfect for learning letters, colors, and getting the creative juices flowing. Plus, they are made from recycled crayon stubs collected from local restaurants so they are environmentally friendly as well.
4. Did you know that TOMS makes TINY TOMS? I didn't either but as soon as I stumbled upon them, I sent an email to all of my friends who have or know kids.
5. Our splurge item are these Striped Fleece Backpacks. I really can never resist a good stripe - I really want one in my size!
6. When I came across this fish hotel in the Crate & Barrel catalogue, I nearly flipped. I never had anything this cool growing up. I put my fish in a bowl or a generic tank.

What cool gifts do you suggest for kids?


  1. love the crayons and the fish hotel..... all of these are really so adorable!


  2. Wow! I'm with you on those backpacks...SO cool. I find that one can't go wrong with books for really little kids and then (hopefully somewhat un-noisy) games for older kids.

  3. Super cute ideas, just a word of warning... my niece has tiny toms and they don't stay on very well, but I don't know if that is a problem with all tiny shoes or or if my niece has weird feet or super baby powers when it comes to wiggling out of shoes.


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