weekend: a hole

this morning's breakfast . . . a new blouse
a little bit of inspiration for the coming week:

a sister's eulogy

how the world grew to 7 billion

how french women really don't get fat
Friday morning at 4 am, my grandmother passed away. So I spent the morning at work, trying to distract myself and then finally went home around 12. I slept the rest of the afternoon. Friday night, the Hubs and I decided that eating in and a comedy would be best. Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store and watched the SVU marathon on TV (the show I always used to watch with my grandmother.) My brother, Eddie, came over for dinner and then I spent the night editing Nezia's wedding pictures. Today I cleaned some more, ran some errands, and hung out. Everything around me seems so normal but I feel like there is a hole in my heart.

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