keep calm

You will have to excuse me the next couple of days. My computer has decided it no longer has memory to give me. Or rather, I didn't know that having over 11,000 pictures on your computer would not only significantly slow it down but also not allow you to save anything. So the holiday gift guides and such that I was planning for this week will just have to wait. I couldn't even save a picture onto my computer for this post. The Hubs promised to help me move my pictures from iPhoto to a hard drive.

I will miss you guys. I am trying not to freak out.


  1. oh no! i hope you can get everything off your computer. we'll miss you :)

  2. Oh it is a bloggers worst nightmare!

    I need to schedule a day to delete some photos before my computer decides to pull such a mean trick!

  3. Oh no! We will miss you, sweetie. See you soon:) xo

  4. OH no! Good luck and so nice of your sweet hubby!


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