francophile friday: france email #5

This is a continuation of my lost emails that I sent to family and friends while living in France in 2007 as a student. You can read more about it here. This email was sent right after I got back from my trip to Nice.

Hello Everyone!

Well I just got back from meeting my friend, Maira, in Nice, France. I left Thursday night at 9 45 and actually slept pretty well on the train (I think I am learning to sleep just about anywhere). I was smart this time though - I brought a pillow.

I got to Nice at around 9 Friday morning and went to our hostel but the lady said that check in wasn't until 11 so I left my stuff there and told her I would be back around 11 30 and hopefully Maira was there by then since her light got in from Rome at 10 30. I walked around for a little bit doing some window shopping. They pretty much had every expensive shop you could think of - Chanel, Blvgari, etc. Then I still had a lot of time so I decided to sit outside the cafe right downstairs from our hostel and wait for Maira there. Since she didnt come by 12 I went upstairs and found that she had somehow passed me. So after that we pretty much walked around Nice. We saw the stone beaches, went in some little shops, and went to the Lascaris Palace. We found a cheap really good Chinese place for dinner and then went home to go to sleep.

Saturday, we set off to see Monaco. It was really pretty. We found a little place where we got focaccia sandwiches and had dessert and then we walked around the exotic gardens. We didn't go to the residence because he was there I guess so we decided to go to Cannes. Cannes was a very long bus ride - much longer than we thought so we didn't get there until the sunset but it was really pretty. First we saw a sort of food expo going on so I told Maira she had to try a real French macaron. We tried a bunch of different flavors but I still think my favorite is pistachio. Then, we walked a little bit and sat and watched the sun set. After that, we went back to our hostel and then ventured out for some good cheap Italian food.

Sunday, we decided to do the musuems. We went to the Marc Chagall musuem first and I was impressed. Then we went to the Matisse musuem which is actually in the middle of a parc so afterwards we sat and watched all the dogs play. After that we had to go back to the hostel and get our stuff so for lunch we ate at Quick Burger so that we didn't have to lug our stuff around and then we went to Pinocchio for crepes. Maira had to get to the airport after that so I went to the bus station, bought a book, and had about 4 huge cups of tea at a cafe. My train left a few minutes before 9 and I got to my room this morning.

I liked Nice but if anyone is planning to visit for a weekend they better plan on going other places too because you can pretty much do Nice in a day. I mean we did it in two half days.
I hope that everyone is doing well!


Have you ever been to the south of France?

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  1. When I was in Nice I was there for two nights but spent one day in Monaco and one in Nice. It was a good balance :)


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