a cookbook to covet

I read a New York Times article the other day titled, "Are Cookbooks Obsolete?" I have sometimes pondered this myself. Cookbooks can be expensive and with the access to recipes on the internet or through apps, sometimes it is hard to spend the money to buy one. The majority of the cookbooks I have in my collection (which is rather large for the average twenty-four-year-old) were gifts from family and friends.

But then I think about how giddy I get when I go to the book store. The section I always go to first (and sometimes never leave) is the one with books about cooking or food. And a random or searched recipe online will never be able to invoke the emotions I feel when I skim through a cookbook for the first time. A cookbook does not just house recipes - it is curated with specific photos and food in a very stylized and personal way. The closest things that has ever come close to this for me are food magazines and great food blogs. And looking through my cookbooks is great inspiration when I am having "food-block."

And while we are on the subject, here are some cookbooks that I am currently coveting:

Quinoa 365: I have been trying to incorporate quinoa into my diet over the past year and I have really learned to love it. But sometimes I feel like it is hard to find recipes that are different from your average quinoa salad. This cookbook contains recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, baby foods, and dessert.
Fried Chicken & Champagne: I think the title of this book describes the versatility of my cooking (and eating) style exactly. This cookbook has a collection of both high end and down home recipes.
Tartine Bread: One day I hope to visit the famous Tartine Bakery in San Fran but for now I will settle for learning to bake bread at home from the best. I have been wanting to start baking my own bread for awhile now and this looks like a great place to start.
Super Natural Every Day: I have been a long time fan of Heidi Swanson's blog, 101 cookbooks, so I have been wanting to pick up her newest cookbook since it came out this spring. Heidi is a constant inspiration to create healthful but delicious vegetarian meals.
Plenty: The picture on the cover of this book caught my eye while perusing the books when I visited Terrain in September. It is a vegetarian book written by a non-vegetarian who enjoys fresh and seasonal ingredients. However, when I was first looking at the book I barely realized that it was missing meat recipes - everything just looked so delicious.

Any good cookbooks you have come across lately? Do you think cookbooks are becoming obsolete?


  1. i really love the barefoot contessa cook books, her recipes are delicious, though often way too much for a handful of people. she feeds an army.

    i think cooking blogs can, in certain ways, replace the feeling of a cook book, the intimacy and the sharing of stories as well as food. as a bibliophile though, books will never be obsolete.


  2. i am a cookbook LOVER. i sometimes will just sit with min in a pile on the couch and leaf through for inspiration. my favorites are all barefoot contessa, mastering the art of french cooking, all the lidia italian series, and silver palette!


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