weekend: one year

at the hub's company crab feast on saturday . . . before celebrating our anniversary saturday night . . . the ride home on sunday after going to see my grandmother
Friday, I came home from a week of traveling and the Hubs and I went to dinner at Green Hill. Saturday, we went to the Hub's annual company crab feast and that night we went to dinner at Ruth Chris to celebrate our one year anniversary which is actually today.

This past week, I learned that my grandmother's battle with cancer is coming to an end. She made the decision to go off her nutrition and hydration bags that she had been on since she has not been able to eat. I went up on Thursday and today and she seems very at peace with her decision. I just hope that her next few days can be as painless and peaceful as possible. If I am missing a bit this week, that is probably why. I can only think about how lucky I was to have her for so long and to be able to have her at my wedding one year ago today.

I hope you had a nice fall weekend.


  1. praying for you & your grandmother.

    and happy anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary! thinking of you and your grandma. much love! jillian:: enter to win a custom canvas print!

  3. Betty will be sorely missed. Thinking of you, McCarl and the family

  4. so sorry to hear about your grandmother. cancer is the absolute worst... I hope you and your family can find peace during this time.

    and happy anniversary!! what a fab couple. :)


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