weekend: catching up

pumpkins at adkins farm market . . . a pyo pumpkin patch . . . our autumn bounty
I don't even have any links today. I am sooo behind on blog reading since I was traveling this past week. Friday evening was spent catching up on sleep after being gone for work since last Sunday morning. Saturday morning, I was back at work for an open house and then I went to get a much needed haircut. Saturday night, the Hubs and I went to Specific Gravity for dinner and then headed over to Sobo's for a glass of wine. Today, we went to get some pumpkins and such for our porch. The Hubs asked me why we weren't getting any "normal" pumpkins. I told him that every pumpkin needs a loving home. After that I spent the day running errands and cooking a bunch of meals for the week since I have to work late Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Now I am taking a little time to relax before Boardwalk Empire comes on.

How was your weekend?

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