weekend: birthdays and babies

party decorations . . . the Hubs and I hanging out at the party . . . my friend's new cutey, reid
a little inspiration for the week:

a beautiful post about the struggle to have a baby

work out on a road trip

i want to live here

what a great idea for wedding favors! (my friend's husband is an artist and they did something similar for their wedding to go with their centerpieces.)

what great friends

a beautiful idea for wedding centerpieces

this girl is going to be a star
Friday night, we celebrated my FIL's birthday. Saturday, we ran errands and then went to the Hub's friend's surprise 40th birthday party. Sunday, I packed up my car (ready for another week of travel!) I made a detour though, to Ashley's house, to meet her new baby, Reid.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Oh that baby is so sweet! I got lots of errands done. I feel so accomplished, haha!


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