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I had dinner with my friend, Chrissy, last night and I was telling her that I met Ashley's new baby. We got on the subject of how strange it is that our friends are getting married and having babies. I don't even feel like an adult yet! I have to admit, though, every once in awhile, I get a teeny bite of the baby bug. But then I realize that it isn't just about nursery decor and creating a mini J.Crew-esque closet.

I definitely want to have children, preferably two, but I would like to be finished with my masters first. (Oh yea, FYI - I start my masters program next spring.) But with only being able to take a class each semester with my job and not being able to take one during the fall semester because of travel season, that seems like such a far ways off.

I also like the spontaneity of our lives (not that we are THAT spontaneous.) I like being able to go to dinner whenever we want or put the dog in the car and take a drive without taking 45 minutes to pack up another human. I like sleeping in and taking naps. I like only being responsible for myself and not having someone else's life in my hands - talk about pressure!

But seeing Ashley and Pat's adorable new family made my heart swell. And I felt so lucky to be a part of it, even if it was just for a few hours on Sunday. And even though I am sure they are sleep deprived, I know they wouldn't trade it for anything.

So what about you? Do you want children? How many? Do you have a really set plan or are you just going to let it happen when it happens? Are there certain things you want to accomplish before you have a baby? Is there something about babies that makes you nervous? Dish!


  1. hey morgan -- it's laura's sister, elizabeth. i found your blog from laura's blog a few months ago & like to pop by every now and again.

    ANYWHO, i am pregnant with our first and very excited. i am so, so, so, SO glad my partner and i waited to start a family. in the past 8 years we've grown up together and discovered who we are. we've traveled. we've pursued new hobbies. we established ourselves financially. and we've fallen in love OVER AND OVER.

    we're excited about our baby -- she's due any day now -- but we're scared, too. we know we are *ready* for a child ... we have a birth plan, a crib, a car seat, a pediatrician, and a shit load of the cutest outfits you've ever seen. but are we are terrified of the tremendous change that is about envelop us.

    as a friend with kids once said, the difference between thinking about having a baby, and actually having one is essentially the difference between watching a tornado on TV, and having one RIP YOUR HOUSE UP OFF THE GROUND WHILE YOU'RE IN IT. it's a pretty dramatic metaphor, but seems accurate as far as i can tell ... i'll find out soon enough. :-)

  2. 17 beats - that is in awesome analogy! i feel like it would be relatively accurate.

    congrats on your little girl! i am excited to see pictures.



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