guest post: remembering europe with wanderlust

Hello La Chapstick Fanatique friends! I'm the girl behind Wanderlust and I'm happy to be back to add to the loveliness of Morgan's corner of the internet.

I'm quickly finding that I'm the kind of person that can't help but reminisce. I love my home in California but I often find my mind wandering back to my overseas adventures-- most recently, my two months in Europe this past summer. It was hard for me to pick a favorite memory, so instead, I've put together a little list of my favorite little things in Europe.
Fruit fresh from the garden.
Antique markets.
the steps from vanessa's flat
Spiral staircases (though I like them more in theory than practice...)
a little french breakfast
Simple baguette + butter + jam breakfasts with tea.
Colorful wooden shutters.
French yogurt (so fluffy and they come in these cute ceramic containers!)
Lights and bunting in tiny towns.
feet, as always
Cobblestone streets and the way your heart feels remembering that you're in Europe.


  1. these photographs are so beautiful!

    i hope to get to europe on a pleasure trip soon; so far, i have only been for business.


  2. that just looks 100% amazing. I'd totally collect those ceramic yogurt containers.


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