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Hello, la chapstick fanatique readers! I'm Natalie from Natalie Merrillyn, here to share ten eBay tips. eBay is my go-to shopping site, and I was thrilled when Morgan asked if I'd share some of my bidding secrets. :) Pictured are a few things that I've found recently on eBay and I'm so convinced that if you're looking for something specific, sooner or later, it will appear eBay. I hope that these tips help in some way!

1. Research. How much did the item you want sell for originally? It is on sale somewhere else? Make sure that you’re getting the best deal that you possibly can on eBay.
2. Search. Type in specifics. For example, if you’re looking for a pair of J. Brand jeans, don’t just type in “J Brand jeans.” Search “J brand (your size).” This will narrow down and eliminate lots of items that aren’t relevant to you, making browsing much easier and less overwhelming.
3. Search often. Everything I’ve found has been because of frequent searches. Like, almost every day searches. Take ten seconds out of your day to type in specifically what you’re looking for. New items appear on eBay every day, sometimes it takes one or two searches, sometimes it’s over a period of months when the item you’re looking for will appear. (You can even sort your search by “Most recently added.”) If it’s something you really want, keep searching!
4. Check the seller’s feedback. Do they have consistently good customer service? Do they ship fast? Are they reliable?
5. Don’t buy anything from China. Just don’t do it.
6. Don’t be afraid to contact the seller with questions. I’ve contacted many an eBay seller, asking for more pictures of the item, or specific measurements to guarantee a good fit. Most eBayers are more than willing to communicate with you about the item they’re selling.
7. Know your spending limit and stick with it. Over-spending is easy when you enter bidding wars! Stay firm in your maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for something.
8. “Buy it now” is your bff. It takes the stress out of bidding, and it’s fast, easy, and foolproof.
9. If you are bidding, bid in the last 5-7 seconds. Make sure you know how many bid confirms you need to go through so that you don’t miss your window of opportunity. I normally bid a few dollars more plus a random cent amount to have a better chance of being the highest bidder. (Again, know the limit of the amount you’re willing to pay.) Say you type in $41.75 as your highest bid, and the next highest bid is $39. You will win the item for $39.10.
10. Have fun! eBay has turned into one of my favorite shopping sites, there are so many deals and hard-to-find items that people are selling. All of my tips I’ve found through trial and error, find your own, and have fun with it!

Thank you, Morgan for having me!


  1. good advice; if you stay realistic about what you can find and what you will pay, you will lessen the change of heartbreak.


  2. Great tips Natalie! I feel like Ebay has definitely changed in how people use it...I should check it out more regularly! :)

  3. Great post! I'll definitely keep these tips in mind next time I'm browsing Ebay.

  4. Great tips!



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