francophile friday: guest post with marissa from the boot

Bonjour la chapstick fanatique readers! I am Marissa, the girl behind the boot, and I'm so happy to be here today! I was thinking about Morgan's blog and my blog: she is all about France and I am all about Italy, so it was only fitting to write about my favorite iconic ladies of each country!

Sophia Loren epitomizes Italian fashion and culture with just one glance: olive skin, strong eyebrows, red lips, sex appeal without trying too hard. She was every man's fantasy when she was in her prime, and maybe even still today. I love her brazen, fearless character in Marriage Italian Style and her amazing performance in La Ciociara, basically the saddest movie ever.

Brigitte Bardot is so iconically French to me: innocent, pouty pink lips, cat eye, messy-made up hair and that perfect little nose! She, like Sophia, was sexy at a time when women were just starting to get respect, and she was not shy about it! I love the silly songs she did with Serge Gainsbourg, especially Comic Strip (the video is so low-budget and hilar) and the adorable Moi Je Joue!

sophia + brigitte
Get Sophia's look: Missoni scarf, Dolce and Gabbana lipstick.
Get Brigitte's look: River Island headband, Yves Saint Laurent eye pencil.

Thanks to Morgan for letting me pop by today and if you crave a dose of Italy come say hi at the boot!


  1. Found you via The Boot and am now following :)

  2. I love that post Marissa! Wish you both a great weekend, kisses

  3. Oh I just fell in love with your blog, it is so smart and chic!
    Follow each other? :))



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