weekend: kathy's birthday

katie's eggs benedict florentine at founding farmers . . . with the birthday girl in dc . . . the beginning of our saturday night with niki, jevi, katie s, and faith
a little inspiration for the week:

obsessed with this house

check out the slideshow i curated for kirtsy!
Friday, I took a half day and stopped by the outlets on my way across the bridge. I can now check two classics off of my list: a white button down shirt and a navy blazer. Friday night, I went to a Salvadoran resto with Kathy. Saturday, Katie S and I took Kathy out for a birthday brunch at Founding Farmers in DC. It was my first time there. I want to go back another time for lunch and dinner. Saturday night, we grilled and had a party in Kathy and Katie's really cool private pub area in their apartment building. Then we went to downtown Bethesda for a few more drinks. I spent Sunday recovering - I cannot stay up late and party like I used to. In fact, we were all hurting the next day. Today is Labor Day in the US so I ran some errands and did a little cleaning.

I am so glad that I could spend a nice weekend with friends and a bit of relaxing. How was your weekend?


  1. omg. the first pic looks sooo good. great photograph. mmm. reminds me of paninis.


  2. i'm starving for that eggs benedict. seriously.


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