siguenza family portraits

In July, my friend Katie asked if I would come to Bethany, Delaware where her family was vacationing to take some pictures of her family. I was really excited but a little nervous - I had never been a "photographer" for anyone before.

After work that day, I drove in awful rain to Bethany, willing it to go away. It was still raining when I got there but it finally stopped for a bit. We drove further north to beat the rain clouds that were moving behind us. It was very windy and was pretty much overcast the entire time but the sun managed to come out for few seconds so we could get a few sunset shots before it started to rain again.

What do you guys think? Any pointers?


  1. do you do any post processing? try picnik.com. it's free, tho if you pay for a membership, you have access to more features. it allows you to try different tones etc.

  2. Awesome job on these! They are beautiful and so is the Siguenza family.

  3. I think these photos are great, you did a good job! And i actually like that it was rainy, it adds a nice element to the pics.



    ps. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for anyone who is interested!

  4. Morg, I am so impressed!!! Beautiful family so I imagine the pictures came easy. Agreed that picnik is a fun free website to play around with!


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