if you can't stand the heat

For the last two and a half weeks, I have not cooked a thing. Because of late nights at work and traveling, I haven't even been to the grocery store. And I am traveling the rest of the week and next week will be full of more late nights. Hopefully this weekend will allow me to make at least one meal.

To me, it is not just about cooking to eat. Cooking itself is an experience that is enjoyable and exciting. There is just something about not only creating something new but making something that brings people together. When the seasons change I get so inspired to try new seasonal recipes but especially when fall arrives. Maybe that is why I am having this anxious feeling about cooking.

When all this traveling is over:
1. I want to find a simple French onion soup recipe.
2. I want to try and recreate the berry wheat salad that I found at the salad bar at Whole Foods.
3. I want to find at least three easy and healthy casserole recipes that freeze well.
4. I want to browse the farmer's market and feel inspired by autumn's ingredients.
5. I want to photograph more food and share more recipes with all of you.

Any fall recipes that you would like to share? What is on your cooking wish list?

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  1. french onion soup is the best! you'll have to post it if you find a good recipe :)

  2. Here is a super simple French onion soup recipe. I made it one day last week, but I think it could use a little jazzing up. http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com/2011/03/crockpot-french-onion-soupoui-oui.html

  3. I'm completely with you! I was just in the middle of a move and crazy work schedule. I can't wait til things settle a bit and I can get back to cooking. I find cooking so relaxing! It's a very in-the-moment activity, I find. I can't wait to make a yummy fall soup!


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