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{Todays post is from Tommy of Specs Appeal. I think this DIY would be perfect to make custom made stationary or for different wedding projects.}

Hello! And thanks to Morgan for having me over. A few weeks ago I attended the grand opening of the Paper Source in Nashville. Let me tell ya--it was fun. If you're at all into paper, crafting, or the like, you may not know what you're missing. Paper Source is hands-down my favorite place to get what I call the 'raw' materials of DIY correspondence. It's quite reasonably priced, and it makes a thoughtful gift.

At the grand opening, the staff offered a 'rookie rubber stamping' class that got the ol' creative juices flowing. You may be thinking Ummm....don't you just plop the stamp in the ink and then on the dang paper? Well, yes. And no. You can also do the awesome technique known as heat embossing. It creates a raised, glossy effect, and you can use any stamp imaginable. Here are the things you need to get started and the steps to take after you've assembled your supplies:

* rubber stamp(s)
* ink or watermark pad
* embossing powder(s)
* heat gun (yes, mine is pink--that's all they had)
* scrap paper
* cards, envelopes, gift tags, etc.

1. Take the ink or watermark pad and actually hold it upside-down on the stamp. This gives you more control and keeps everything crisp.

2. Place the stamp down on the paper, but resist the temptation to rock. Just give it a good press.

3. Remove the stamp and gingerly sprinkle embossing powder over the design.

4. Gently tap the card to remove the excess powder. (Do this over scrap paper so that you can funnel the extra powder back into its container.) If any stray powder sticks to the non-stamped paper, just give it another tap or take a toothpick and clear it away.

5. Then hold the heat gun a few inches away from the paper and slowly move the card (not the gun) around so that each part of powder gets the hotness.

6. And, since we're on a French-themed blog, voila!

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