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My friend, Ashley, is to term in less than two weeks. Her due date is September 21st. Ashley and Pat have decided not to find out the sex of the baby; they want to be surprised.

They have the name picked out if it is a boy. And they have about five different outfits they are choosing from to take the baby home in - if it's a boy. But they are still deciding on girl names and they can't seem to find a newborn girl outfit, either.

I told Ashley not to worry about it. I really think it is going to be a boy. It isn't a mother's instinct or anything, just a feeling. But she is worrying herself that if they have a girl she will have to take her home naked and nameless.

So, I thought, "Well, it can't be that hard to find a newborn outfit. I will give it a try." All the links I sent to Ash that were supposed to be clothes for newborns always ended up not having a newborn size. How is that? Apparently there are always a pleathora of newborn clothes for boys but not for girls - they are always out of stock. My theory: All those mothers and grandmothers that are invited to showers for a girl have way to much fun buying baby girl clothes.

So I thought I could ask you all, mothers or not: where is a place that has a good selection of newborn clothes for girls that are actually in stock?

And don't worry about the names. They pretty much have it narrowed down. I think they will know which one is right when they meet her. (But they aren't going to meet her because it is going to be a boy.)

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  1. my mom got tons of adorable clothes for my niece, due in october, at macy's. the macy's in nyc had a great baby section, the one in baltimore, not so much. she bought them in person though, not online....


  2. My Peanut was so tiny and we had almost no NB outfits for her. I found her take home outfit through zulilly (a Rosalina playsuit) but NB goes so fast, you have to be quick.

    I have found that Carters NB sizing is really perfect:

  3. My friend got really cute stuff at baby gap!

  4. hahaha, i just read the first post and thought, "hmmm... i was just going to say that." then i realized that it was written by my sister !

    "new born size" is tricky, because all babies are different when they are born. some are 5.5 lbs, others are 10. the doc can try to predict the size of the baby, but these predictions are often up to 20 % off, in either direction, which is a lot.

    macy's, target, and walmart are great places to buy new born clothes -- i recommend Carter's, but only because the macy's here has a HUGE Carter's department. they are super inexpensive, 100 % cotton, and very comfortable for baby. a onesie (long-sleeved), pants, and booties will do the trick. though, i would probably get something with little mittens on it, so baby doesn't scratch herself.

  5. Ah yeh Baby Gap - love their NB clothes - and they have some lovely neutral ones for both boys & girls. like cute little white babygrows with a little brown teddy sewn on.


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