francophile friday: guest post from lauren from betterfly

For today's francophile friday, we have a guest post from Lauren Margolis, a contributing writer at Betterfly.com and one who is obsessed with French culture and food. When she's not testing out new recipes, she works on helping New Work makeup artists market themselves online.

If you’ve ever tasted a French macaroon, then you can understand the lure of Paris for a foodie. While many of us might dream of starting anew at some point in our life, famed pastry chef David Lebovitz actually did it. With thoughts of croissants and adventure in his head, Chef Lebovitz packed up his California life into three suitcases and moved to a tiny apartment in Paris. Perhaps what he didn’t expect was that the majority of his “adventures” would actually consist of simply trying to understand French norms; like why returning a broken battery to the department store should take up more than half his day, or how Parisians have come to dress in their Sunday best no matter the occasion (even just to pick up the morning newspaper!). Lebovitz’s cheeky memoir is passionate and fun, and you’ll soon be wanting to see the French phenomenon for yourself. Every chapter ends with one of Lebovitz’s mouthwatering recipes, like dulce de leche brownies or bacon and blue cheese cake. The memoir is down to earth and a quick read—perfect for relaxing outside with a nice glass of French wine. Amusez-vous bien!

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  1. sounds like a good beach book, thanks for the suggestion.... now i'm hungry for croissants and chocolate!



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