diy: fabric bunting

I want to share how I made the bunting for Ashley's shower. This was such an easy and quick project, I almost didn't think it was worth posting. The part of this that takes the longest is cutting out the triangles. But then I thought that some of you may not be so crafty so you might like an easy tutorial.

What you need:
heavy paper or card stock
scissors (for paper and fabric)
ironing board
double fold bias tape
sewing pins
sewing machine

First, you need figure out what size triangle you want. Use a ruler to draw your triangle on the paper. Cut it out.

Next, trace the triangle on the wrong side of the fabric (the side that won't be showing) in pencil. To use my fabric as wisely as possible, I traced each triangle right next to eachother, alternating the top and bottom.

Cut out your triangles and then iron them. Note: I used starch and got them nice and stiff but I will warn you: I didn't pack them well to travel for Ashley's shower and, because of the starch, a few of them got somewhat crinkled and the only way to flatten them was to iron them again when i got there.

Place the tops of the triangles in between the sides of the bias tape, spaced to your liking. Secure the triangles with sewing pins. Sew the triangles into place using a zig zag stitch.

Hang it up! This is great for a party but also fun to decorate a child's room or a craft room.

I didn't put exact spacing, measurements, and colors because all of that depends on what your preference is. Just use this as a guide and have fun! Except for the sewing part, I did most of this while watching The Kennedys miniseries.

What are you favorite party decorations?


  1. I need a sewing machine! I don't know too much about that sort of thing, do they sell gently used ones?

  2. Hi friend! I am so excited to have found your blog through Marissa's! Maryland girls rock! Woohoo!

    Also, I love this bunting tutorial :) I am planning a spring wedding and I think it would be such a cute decoration!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Gorgeous! Love your blog. Thanks for the love over on mine!


  4. Lovely bunting and photos! Where did you get the glass sweetie jars from? Gorgeous.

    My mum and I made bunting for my wedding, which I have blogged about:

  5. you know i am not quite sure. my friend's mom got them. i know i also see some at Marshall's or Michael's though.


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