what is your skin care routine?

A few years ago, I made a New Year's resolution to take better care of my skin. Before then, I never washed my face except for splashing some water in the shower and I didn't take any steps to make sure my skin was well hydrated.

(Almost) every day now, I clean my face before I go to bed. I used to use water and a facial cleanser but, more recently, I have been using cold cream to remove any make-up because I have heard it was better for your skin. After reading Garance's recent post about how her dermatologist told her to stop using water, I was even more curious about people's skin care routine.

What is your skin care routine? What do you use? Do you have a certain routine for the day and a different one for at night? I would love to know any tips or advice that you have? If there are any Estheticians out there, I am sure people would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. I love this post/topic simply because it is tough trying to find the perfect routine that fits your skin type, reactions, etc. I've found a few products that I love and am so glad I came across > I wash my face every night with water and Murad's "Time Release Acne Cleanser," which I get from Sephora. About one - two times a week I exfoliate with Boots "Radiance Revealed" and this amazing little bottle that goes along way can be found at Target! And last but not least, every morning after I shower I moisturize my face with Boscia "Oil-free Daily Hydration SPF 15," also found at Sephora.

    These three products are amazing and have worked really well for me. I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's comments.

  2. tbh i just clean my face with water like you did.. no one ever told me what's the correct way. when i search for it online i get lots of different instructions and they confuse me...

    and yes my skin is really bad :(


  3. I just use a face wash and water!

  4. I agree with Brittanie; this is one of my favorite topics, too. I routate between Philosophy's Purity (face wash) and Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from Bliss, both with water. (Hey--I didn't make up the names.)

    One or twice a week I use Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Scrub. It's great but a bit pricey, although a tube will literally last me a year. My skin is rather oily, so I don't typically moisturize or wash it again before bed.

    I use tea tree oil from The Body Shop to spot-treat. (Sidenote: You can buy jumbo sizes of Philosophy from QVC for WAY cheaper than in Sephora.)

    Kiehl's and Sephora both do samples, too, which I recommend if your skin is at all sensitive or if you're rather savvy and don't want to overpay for products that may not deliver for you.

  5. As I have reached my mid 2os, I am definitely more aware of my skin cleansing routine and if I am doing enough. I love Fresh products(found at Sephora). They have a pretty high price point, but the results are amazing! I have used the anti-aging creams and cleansers in the past, but recently bought the three in one pack of the soy products(cleanser, serum and cream). I find it easier to remember to clean my face if I do it in the shower. I then apply creams and moisturizers right before make up for a primer. I am looking into purchasing an exfoliant, but I often make my own scrub out of brown sugar:)

  6. hm. good question. i use primarily origins line of skin care. i have a prescription strength blemish medicine for when i get an occasional pimple. i cleanse every morning. moisturize in the morning and at night (the night-a-mins are my fave, by origins) & three days a week i use 'modern friction'. hm. i also use a charcoal mask when needed. that's about it really.

    the only things i am very cautious of is i always put spf 20 on my face in the morning. & i wash my face & moisturize before bed. :D


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