weekend: summer shindig

our summer shindig tablescape . . . picture with alissa . . . a game of nighttime beer pong . . . wild horses at assateague . . . proof that skipping stones can be dangerous
a little inspiration for the coming week:

i have bought some pretty stupid things when i have been drunk but a puppy? seriously?

what to bring to paris

i really want to visit this shop and go crazy

i think a french-themed party is in order

i could live here

i want this puppy (peyton does as well)
This weekend we had a bunch of friends over for our annual summer shindig. It was a lot of fun. This year each person brought a dish and, now, I will be requesting a lot of recipes. Everything was so good, I am not sure if I can pick a favorite. Today, most of us went to Assateague to hang out on the bay side and look at the wild horses. And one of our friends impaled another while trying to skip stones on the water. But the weather was perfect all weekend and not even a near skull fracture could ruin it.

My weekend is kind of extended for the next couple of days. I have Monday and Tuesday off and then I start my new job on Wednesday. I am super excited but I am starting to get the new job butterflies. Wish me luck!

How were your weekends?


  1. i've seen that buying a puppy while drunken article before hahaha it's ridiculous! x


  2. Best, best wishes!! I love weekends like this!! Morgan,

    I know the new job will be great!


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  3. good luck!!! knock 'em dead ;)

  4. good luck! love the striped tablecloth! wow, i haven't played beer pong in ages! crazy fun!

  5. You are going to do great!!


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