weekend: a low-key weekend

all it needed was a splash of vodka . . . a latte at viva espresso . . . a sunday crepe
i think this would describe my style well

loving target's new commercial

i want to stay here for a night

under the water
This weekend was pretty low-key. I got caught up on some housework, finished some projects for a friend's baby shower, and relaxed a bit.

I have also decided to sell my jewelry tools and supplies. My new job will have me very busy, leaving me little time for jewelry making. The stuff has been sitting in my craft room making me feel guilty. So my Etsy shop is now full of tools and I will be adding more items in the next few weeks. If you know of anyone who wants to get started in beading or metalsmithing pass this along. I am thinking about taking up knitting again which I can do while traveling for work and while hanging out with the Hubs.


  1. Yummy weekend! Button looks great, thanks!

  2. ooh vodka lemonade sounds like the perfect summer treat! and those crepes? omg!


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