weekend: celebrating the 4th (and a new job)

a midnight snack . . . infusing tequila . . . a blt with avocado using tomatoes from the garden . . . an after dinner snack at dumser's in west ocean city . . . impromptu stop for fireworks . . . peyton is very tired from this long weekend . . . a beautiful rose on my MIL's deck
a little inspiration for the coming week:

i am pretty sure i need one of these (it could be because the front two wheels look like adult training wheels)

sign this sun savvy pledge

taking the stairs is fun

other wines to try

french girls and their skin

love this eclectic space

barn and boat love
I had a great weekend filled with cool drinks, hours by the pool, completion of projects, late nights, early nights in, fireworks, yummy treats, and lots of time spent with the Hubs. Isn't it great how one extra day lets you do so much more?

How were your weekends?


  1. sounds awesome! i bet that infused tequila was de-lish!
    what's your new job? how exciting!

  2. what's the new job!? i was just thinking about infusing vodka. so many yummy fruits right now.

  3. i will be working as an admissions counselor for our local university! i am so excited!

    also, MG - i infused the tequila with jalepanos.


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