sponsor post: hot glue hangover

Please give a big welcome to our new sponsor, Hot Glue Hangover. This shop has a funky collection of handmade wreaths as well as unique paracord bracelets. Here are some of my faves:
1. Um, cheetah print on a wreath? Fierce. Although this does not go with any of the decor in my house (except for a lot of my clothing), I seriously want to put this on my bedroom door and jump out like a wild cat every time someone enters. (Yes, I am a weirdo. Yes, this wreath is still freakin' awesome.)
2. Of course, I like this shabby chic wreath made with burlap. I am thinking this would be a great wreath for our front door for the fall and maybe even the winter months after our Christmas wreath comes down.
3. I was never in a sorority but if I had been this would have been perfect for my dorm room door (with the name Morgan instead of Taylor, of course.) Whoever Taylor is, she is one lucky girl - my dorm room never had any style.
4. This bracelet is very close to my college colors so I instantly fell in love. Plus, it is eco-friendly and can help you survive in the wilderness which has me asking the question, "what has my jewelry done for me lately?"

Please stop by Hot Glue Hangover and check out all the great items (and check out the cool blog as well.) Let me know if you get anything - I would love to know what you picked!


  1. REALLY NICE !! I really like what your sponsor done !


  2. Big fan of ANYTHING made with a hot glue gun. Yea, seriously...what HAS our jewelery done for us lately?

  3. Oh my goodness, those wreaths are so beautiful:) Totally need to check out their shop:) Have a fantastic day, sweetie

  4. those are adorable


  5. So cute! I've been meaning to make one of these, and I keep slacking off. Maybe I'll just have to buy one:-) xoxo


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