la dress

Have you ever needed a dress for an event, knew exactly what you wanted in your head, but could not find it anywhere? Well, fear no more. La Dress probably has exactly what you are looking for. Their mission is to help you find the perfect dress for your shape and needs. I love how you can search by color or style and they have a vast selection. (This would be a great way to find bridesmaid dresses, as well.) The only problem is the price tag - dresses start at $230. But considering most of these dresses are classic and will last in your wardrobe, you probably should just this an investment. I definitely have my eye on the this polka dot dress.


  1. oh, i want all of these! thanks for sharing. & that polka dotted one is lovely.

  2. thanks for sharing! they dresses are genuinely gorgeous! i love all the blue dresses x



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