jalapeño infused margarita

My friend, Katie, sent me an email a few months ago saying that her sister had gotten a jalapeno infused cocktail in NYC. I was immediately intrigued. I finally got around to trying this out over the Fourth of July weekend. We enjoyed them outside on our patio as a pre-dinner drink.

I was determined to make a margarita that was both yummy and easy on the wasteline. To do this, you must use good tequila. If you make a margarita with good tequila, you don't need to laden it with sugar like most concoctions you find in restaurants. The key to this is using a tequila that is 100% agave. It is going to cost you a bit more but is completely worth it. The bottle I got was a middle-of-the-road tequila and I got if for about $25.

When infusing the tequila, please keep in mind two things:
1. Do you like consuming spicy things?
2. Do you like the taste of jalepaño?
I played it safe this time - I only used one jalepaño and only infused it for six hours. I found this method perfect. There was a hint of heat and it wasn't overpowering.


For infusing tequila:
1 jalapeño (or more for more heat), sliced longways in three pieces and de-seeded
1 bottle 100% agave tequila

Pour tequila in a pitcher. Add jalepaño. Infuse for desired amount of heat and flavor. Use funnel to pour tequila back in original bottle.

For margarita:
7 parts jalapeño infused tequila
4 parts triple sec
3 parts fresh lime juice

Put ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into glass.



  1. i posted a picture of a delicious chili-infused tequila cocktail the other day.... it was delicious!


  2. I will definitely have to try this out. I had an avocado margarita the other day for the first time and it was love. So perfect for summer!

  3. oh i so want to try this :D


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