francophile friday: tampico bags

Lately, I have been loving the casual elegance of Tampico bags. My large Longchamp, which I currently use for the beach and the pool, has seen better days so, although my Longchamp has served me well for the past few years, I have been dreaming of obtaining a Tampico for my go-to summer and carry-on bag.

Tampico was created in Dordogne in 1928. The family business creates amazing bags that can be used as handbags, market totes, beach bags, or bags that are even great for bringing in flowers from the garden.

What do you think? Do you have a go-to summer bag?


  1. I don't have a summer bag only because I've always been right at the beach or pool...I know, you feel soooo bad for me. However, my work tote is busted and one of these would be perfect!

  2. Those have a beautiful shape. My sister works for Coach so I'm pretty much always carrying one of their bags! I still like to branch out every now and then, though.


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