francophile friday: les composantes

Les Composantes is a French fashion brand created by Morgane Sezalory. Every month, a new creation (in limited supply) is offered as well as hundreds of vintage items. The concept is to offer those essential items: the perfect dress, the most versatile jeans, and a bag that can be used everyday. The wonderful thing about the clothing, bags, and accessories is that they are très classique so they will stand the test of time. The brand also has a beautiful blog which I have enjoyed following.

Those that would like to shop need to sign up for an account since sales are only for 48 hours each month. Now my only question is: how much is shipping to the US?


  1. I love how simple and elegant it all is. Yea, I bet the shipping is a small fortune. Ugh :(

  2. oo fun! off to check out their site and blog :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams


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