an organized kitchen

I have written about the style of kitchen I would like here. Although I know I want it to be rustic, I still haven't decided whether I want a darker or lighter kitchen (although after taking food pictures for awhile now, I think I am leaning towards more light.) One thing is for sure though, I want my kitchen to be organized!

I like the idea of open shelving and open cabinets. It almost forces you to stay organized. I also would like to put all my non-perishables in coordinating glass jars for a uniform look. Maybe once we move to a bigger place with more storage space, I can create my dream cooking place.

Is your kitchen highly organized?

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  1. I try to keep my kitchen pretty organized so that I can actually find things, but when I start baking- things are all over the place!

  2. yes, just because it's the room i spend the most time in! i love the light and airy look, with little pops of color for fun!

  3. my kitchen is disgraceful at the moment. the shelves are awkwardly high and impossible to keep anything organized in. i just pray i find a place that i actually like and can make a bit cuter than the crap hole i currently live in.

  4. I love the first pic !!!

    have you seen my new post ?

  5. I really like that first pic, so romantic for a kitchen! xo

  6. That second huge shelf is beautiful. I really want to have an open plan kitchen with shelves like those:) Amazing photos, sweetie

    Btw: I try to stay very organized in my kitchen and fun jars always help with that:)

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  7. Love the idea of open surges but I know I couldn't do it!

  8. Open/no top cabinets or shelves would *so* open a space up, but would the storage space be missed? I still haven't decided....

    And I'm on the fence about a dark or light cabinets, too!

  9. In my dream world, it's highly organized...but in reality, it's not as good as I'd hope. One day!! xoxo {av}

  10. I'm digging those rows of glass jars. Also, is that a glass cloche covering the paper towel? It's a cool look, but that's not too practical, huh? Hehe.

  11. this makes me giddy with excitement!! I love organized things!

    So glad I found your blog!




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