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A lot of people have started to think more about what type of food they put into their body. Many people have made the switch to organics, or at least for certain items (like fruit where you would eat the skin) if they can't afford to go fully organic. But what about what you are putting you your face?

I plan to transition fully to organic skin care and make up as I run out of my current products. Zina, owner of Enza's Organic Salon, encourages this. Her husband had cancer so she is always very careful about what he uses on his skin and puts in his body as well as the rest of her family. My thought is, why not be safe, rather than sorry later? And, in most cases, it is also better for the environment. So a few weeks ago when I was getting my haircut there, I purchased the Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection for my face. It actual comes in a powder form with a brush (so it can go right over your make up) but is waterproof and is so much better for you than normal sun screen. (I actually have a picture of it here.) I tested it out a few weekends at the pool and I would venture to say it worked better and lasted longer than what I normally use.

My daily moisturizer that I put on in the mornings was running out so it was time to replace it with something organic. I went to Enza's and they helped me pick out something (with spf) from the Eminence Organics brand - which is the skin care line they carry. I am really excited to start using it but it is a real shock to my budget since it is seven times more than I normally spend. Ouch. I don't mind spending a little bit more for something better for me but I am shopping around to find something a little less expensive for when this runs out.

I am very new to organic skin care so I have been slowly trying to educate myself. There is just a lot of information out there that sometimes gets confusing. Like what is the difference between all-natural and organic? If it is organic does it mean it is paraben free?

I have found out that sometimes you are not going to find a product that is organic but rather just all natural because there is an active ingredient that works well and it is not produced organically. I also have pretty much figured out that paraben free does not necessarily mean organic and vice versa. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Since you guys gave such great advice for my dark circle problem (my readers are awesome), I was thinking maybe you all could help me with learning more about organics. Do you use any organic skin care or make up products? Do you know of brands that are more budget friendly (aka they carry them at Target?) Are there some good resources (books, blogs, websites) where I can learn more about organic skin care and make up?

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  1. So I'm OBSESSED about this topic! I use Korres, although not organic it is natural and their Quercetin & Oak eye cream is amazing! I really want to get the powder you speak of!

  2. Have you read No More Dirty Looks? It is a great resource on all things organic when it comes to beauty products. They have a fantastic part on nasty ingredients to look out for (that seem to be in almost everything when you start looking out for them!). You should definitely check it out.

    And fingers crossed that the Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 passes!!! Change is definitely needed there!



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