a nautical bedroom

After doing an inspiration board for Kathy and Pamela's room, Katie, who will be moving in with them, did not want to be left out. She wanted me to create a traditional space with nautical accents. She already has a white duvet which I told her to keep which is perfect for a crisp white and navy color scheme. I tried not to go too "beachy" as this is an apartment in Bethesda, Maryland and not a house on the sand.

Again, I wanted to keep it budget friendly since Katie is a new teacher and on a strict budget. Katie is a lover of Pottery Barn, like me, but I have learned something fun for all of those out there with a PB habit: if you see it in the PB catalogue, you can probably find a look-alike at JC Penny. I follow the blog Copy Cat Chic and she finds a lot of PB-like items at JC Penny. And although I have a few pieces in my house, I do feel that sometimes their items are overpriced for the quality just because it has the PB name attached to it.

{curtains - $108; sea shell pillow - $33; wreath - $19; starfish pillow - $21; coordinates pillow - $25; lamp - $50; throw - $90; nightstand - $319 (on sale); queen bed - $539 (on sale); chair - $280}

What do you guys think? Is your style more traditional or modern?


  1. obsessed with the lamp, my parents had one almost exactly like that from the 70s. love the clean, crisp window treatment as well.


  2. I love anything and everything nautical. Its so beautiful and calming. I love the oceans so anything to remind me of that makes me happy.

  3. Thank you Morgan!!!! I love it! I'm definitely ordering the coordinates pillow. Sooo cute! I would love to fit a chair like that in the room, but I probably should make sure my other furniture fits first. I can't wait for you to see the finished product!!!! :)

  4. i love all the things you picked out! the pillows are really cute. xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!


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