my style evolution & a new feature

This picture was taken on a family vacation in Nagshead in 2006, the summer after my freshman year of college. Look how young we look! We hadn't even been dating a year yet (close, though!) I think this might be one of my fave pictures of us.

My Style Evolution
In high school, my outfits were very predictable as were all of the girls' styles around me. Summer meant tank tops with jeans and flip flops. Winter meant cardigans with jeans. I may have dressed it up with a heel. In college, the only thing that really changed was that my flip flops were no longer Reefs since I had graduated to the more expensive leather Rainbows. And my boyfriend convinced me that although Uggs were indeed ugly, I am really going to like them walking around campus when it got colder. Oh and sometimes, in both college and high school, I went to class in sweats. Yup, sweats!

I really think the time I started to start thinking about what I was wearing was when I moved to France in 2007. Developing a style became important and looking put together became a must. While this naturally started to happen the moment I stepped foot in Bordeaux and looked around, it really was set in stone with what I like to call "the time I clogged the drain." Come away with me...

I lived in nice little place on campus. It had five single rooms, each with its own bathroom. The only thing that was shared was the "kitchen." It wasn't much - it had a bar with a few chairs, two small burners and a sink. Once afternoon, I was finishing off some leftover spaghetti and meatballs I had made. I went to clean the pot. It just was sauce so I thought pouring it down the drain was fine. I was very, very wrong. The more I turned on the water to get it to go down the drain, the more the soupy water level rose and stayed there. I freaked. My housemates were going to kill me - getting someone to come fix anything from the CROUS took days. And I was really afraid of the French architecture student we housed with. She was kind of scary. Actually she had yelled at me for using her toaster and not cleaning it. I had never used it before.

I was in sweats but I knew I had to move fast. So I ran out the door with my purse and my sweats still on. But these weren't just any sweats, these were my boyfriend's freshman year lacrosse sweats that I liked to lounge around in - big grey sweatpants and a big grey sweatshirt. (And notice our size difference in the picture above.) Oh and since I had refused wear Uggs in France, I didn't bring them or any real tennis shoes so I rolled up my sweats and threw on a pair of flats. I really wish I had a picture for you. I ran though campus so maybe I wouldn't be seen and got on the tram. All eyes were on me. I mean I know I looked crazy but in America I probably could have gotten away with it. At least I was taking the tram in the opposite direction of the city since I had just discovered a grocery store close by.

What was even funnier was the ride home. I had ran out in such a tizzy, I had forgotten a grocery sac and they don't give you bags in France. So I sat on the tram in my crazy outfit with two HUGE yellow bottles of the French equivalent of Drano. A lady glared at me the entire time in disgust. "Stupid American," she probably said in her head. "Lazy, stupid American."

This is what I wanted to yell, "Listen, bitch. I know I am acting the fool right now but I wouldn't normally go out like this. Even for a stupid American, I know this look is crazy. But I am avoiding death-by-French-architecture-student right now. DEATH I TELL YOU!" But instead I hung my head in shame.

A New Feature
I am going to play around with doing a new feature called, "My Week in Clothing." It will be a Saturday feature (the one day I don't normally post) with all the outfits from the previous week. I am not in the fashion world and I don't have access to many designer items. These posts will be pretty budget friendly and more for people with "real" jobs. I also do not live in a city so my style has been a bit adapted for the "country." And, I can't wear shorts to work. Man I wish I worked in fashion...

My reasons for this feature:
1. I love reading style blogs and getting new inspiration and ideas. But I have really had a hard time finding style blogs that match my style and my body type - borderline petite and curvy. So maybe this will help some of you out there.
2. I am on a new medication that has caused me to gain a bit of weight and has me a bit down on myself. I eat healthy and go to the gym, this is not fair! I am hoping this feature helps me appreciate my body a bit more and helps me see myself the way others see me - not so critically!
3. I have gotten lazy. I sit at a desk all day and so I have gotten lazy in what I wear to work. It isn't as fun for me anymore. I want to inject a little life back into my style. Besides, you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right?
4. I want to get a better perspective on what looks good on my body. Have you ever worn something, thought it was really cute, and then saw a picture of yourself and thought, "Wow, that looks really awful" and wondered why you ever bought that item? Yea...

Some challenges I face:
1. I don't have one of those wonderful boyfriends/fiances/husbands who can take pictures of me in the morning before I leave for work. My husband wakes up almost two hours after me and even if he was awake, he takes terrible pictures. I will probably have to use a tripod and see how that works.
2. I might have to get up a bit earlier so I have time.
3. I let me hair dry naturally for work so my hair is normally kind of wet before I leave in the morning. You guys may just have to look past that and just pay more attention to the clothes.
4. I don't have a ton of clothes like some people seem to have on those style blogs. I think this might be a good thing though. I really get into a rut sometimes and wear the same things together. Maybe this will help me to wear items in new ways.
5. I am awful at accessorizing. Actually, some days all I wear is my engagement and wedding rings.

So what do you guys think? Do you think this will be something you guys will enjoy?


  1. Tank top, jeans and flip flops - guilty as charged! I can totally relate to this.

    The outfit posts will be great! You're totally right, most fashion bloggers have a certain body type and a TON of clothes. I'm excited to see it!

  2. I would've ran out in sweats too if I was in your situation! I think this sounds like a great idea to motivate yourself and others with similar feelings to try and think outside of the box a little. Maybe for the pictures, you can have a friend take a few of you on your breaks outside. Outside always has the best lighting anyway. I am excited to see what you come up with!

  3. The important thing is to be true to yourself and take bits and pieces of ideas and incorporate them into your look. You look great! Some of those fashion bloggers...are a bit over the top. 25 shots of the same outfit, give me a break! I look forward to your posts!


  4. Go for it! (I hope Le Drano worked.)

  5. I am really looking forward to this new feature! I think you have great style and can't wait to see the outfits you wear in "real life".

  6. I think the fun in high fashion is about recreating the looks within your own budget. Obviously I can't afford couture, but I love seeing what's on the runway, what I love, what I don't, and how I can adapt it to fit my personal style (whether through thrifting, ebay, crafting, etcI. It's when you fall into the trap of emulating mall mannequins that you've lost the battle.

    les années folles

  7. You two look very cute together!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with dressing casually.


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