francophile friday: guest post from seductively french

Today's francophile friday is a guest post from Slavica from the blog, Seductively French. She and her husband are busy creating a company based on their love of all things French, and from that has stemmed her lovely blog. You can also find her on Facebook here. Being as she has become quite a francophile expert, I asked her to guest post today on something that is "seductively french."

One thing you would immediately notice on the streets in Paris are the scarves. The cosmopolitan French women of all ages consider this accessory a vital part of their wardrobe. Draped around the neck, a scarf not only keeps you warm, and improves the look of your outfit, but also says something about who you are. A woman who wears a scarf looks more intelligent, worldly, sophisticated, refined and of course sexy!

The Parisians don’t only wear them in the cold weather, non. The mostly mild summers allow them to be worn during those sunny months as well. It is important that every woman have numerous scarves. The variety must include different colors, lengths and textures. The larger knit ones in the cold months, and the lightweight ones come out in the warm months. An added bonus, it is said that when you wear a scarf, you don’t need as much make-up. French women don’t wear much make-up to begin with; the reason here is that the scarf is already attracting attention, and accenting your skin color too (if you choose wisely).

Have you heard of the snood? You’re not alone if you haven’t. It’s like a scarf and may also be worn as a hood. Basically, instead of the square or rectangle shape we typically see, the snood is a knit tube scarf. Morgan here has also done a post on Le Col scarves. She knows a thing or two about the French and their scarves being that she lived there for a semester in college. I’m curious as to her thoughts and observations on this?

Hermes is always a pretty (pricey) option. Perfect for the spring and summer with all the rich colors on luxurious silk fabric. Instead of wearing it around your neck, try tying it on your handbag strap or wrapped in your hair;

It is practically a rule that French women wear scarves almost daily, and they do wear them so well! Maybe it’s my theory that by tying one on to look and feel more sophisticated, you emit that confidence. I know it’s odd to say that by adding another article of clothing, you feel sexier.

While you’re at it, pick one up for your man, because I’ll buy my guy just about anything if he looks this good in it…

P.S. Don’t buy this one below. It’s not cool.

Thanks, Slavica! And I agree on the scarf thing. I am not sure if I walked outside without one while I was living in France! What do you guys think?

{images from here, here, here, here and here, respectively}


  1. I am obsessed with scarves! There was a running joke at my old office about what scarf I would wear to work that day because I was rarely without one. I'd love to have that Hermes scarf!

  2. I LOVEEEE scarves too!!!! Can't live without them, especially in winter. That last image made me laugh so hard lol.
    <3 Belly B

  3. yeah, I want to print out the last image and post it on my wall somewhere so I can laugh everyday!
    Thanks a million Morgan!! xoxox

  4. i don't understand does slavica live in france or is she just obsessed with france?


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