weekend: too much fried food

helping a fellow blogger out with an anniversary project . . . dusk at green hill . . . doing a little weekend planting . . . the salisbury festival: freshly squeezed lemonade, a maryland crab cake sandwich, some ribbon fries, a funnel cake, a corndog . . . thinking that dairy would help with my fried food tummy ache - a root beer float from sonic


some inspiration for the coming week:

i would love to escape here

how to dress like a hipster

i have been to Lichtenstein and there are real people living there. i just hope the citizens got to vote on this.

i love legos. this makes me giggle.

i got the habit of blotting my pizza from my dad. now i know it actually reduces calories.
I had a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday evening, after going to gym, the Hubs and headed out to Green Hill for dinner and some wine. Then, we came home and finally watched the King's Speech. If you haven't seen it yet go rent it - Colin Firth definitely deserved that Academy Award! Saturday we slept in much later than usual and then planted some herbs and vegetables in containers. Late-afternoon, we headed over to the Salisbury Festival and gorged ourselves on fried food. I am not used to consuming large amounts of fried food but french fries, funnel cakes, and corn dogs are three of my favorite things and I have no will power. Needless to say, I got a tummy ache. So I made the Hubs drive me to Sonic to get a root beer float because I was convinced this would soothe my stomach. He told me it was not a good idea but I insisted - it must have been the food coma talking. (Weirdly, it did work but my stomach did hurt around 2 am this morning.) This morning I got up early and went to a Zumba class and then we came home and I had a skype date with my friend, Jenny, who lives in France. Don't you just love Skype? We cleaned the house a bit and now this cloudy day just merits being lazy.

Loves, how were your weekends?

PS If you would like to help Janae with her wedding anniversary project you can email her at janaepalmer{at}gmail{dot}com. She still needs a lot more states and she really needs ANY country. Check out her Flickr group here.


  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun... And there is no such thing as too much fried food...

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend! :) A little fried food is good every once in awhile ;)


  3. yummm corn dogs! i need to bring those to italy somehow...
    i love janae's project, that is so sweet!

  4. yay for relaxing weekend. all that food looks amazing! & that lego link is adorable.


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