weekend: a memorial weekend at home

a saturday morning breakfast at panera . . . afternoon tea with sourdough bundt cake and strawberries from the farmer's market . . . with ashley before dinner at brew river . . . an after dinner game of scrabble . . . a sunday sunset while eating dinner at fager's in ocean city . . . after dinner at macky's with tanya
a little inspiration for this short week:

five things to eat in paris

great giveaway

how to take better travel photos

i may have to try this diy

Friday night, the Hubs and I went to enjoy music and dinner at Green Hill. Saturday morning, Ashley drove across the bridge to Salisbury and we had breakfast at Panera, went to Green Hill for the pool and lunch, then we came home and relaxed and had tea. After that we went to dinner and then came home and played Scrabble. After Ashley left Sunday morning, the Hubs and I ran some errands and then we went to see the Hangover II. (The movie had a few funny parts but really was just the first movie in a different location - like the same exact plot with a little tweeks here and there. I would just rent it if you haven't seen it yet.) That evening, we drove to Ocean City to have dinner and drinks with Tanya and her boyfriend, George. Monday, I took the day off (I don't automatically get off for Memorial Day) and the Hubs and I slept in and then went over to his parents' house to have a cookout and watch the NCAA lacrosse championships.

How was your weekend?


  1. sounds like a great weekend! my fiance and i saw the hangover 2 as well... ugh. hated it. the beach scenes in thailand were pretty. bradley cooper wasnt bad to look at but yea overall it was pretty much the first one over again. ah well! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. that sounds like a wonderful long weekend. we went to a lovely beach house party on sunday. it was nice to feel like I wasn't in connecticut.

  3. lovely weekend & photos :)


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