weekend: hanover, pa

I didn't really take any pictures this weekend. I was up visiting my grandparents. Which ones? Well, to know my family, I would have to draw you a very complicated family tree. These are my ex-stepmom's parents - if that makes sense. But I have known them all my life so they are grandparents all the same.

I never remember my parents together (I was barely born when they separated) but the messy divorce pretty much carried throughout my life. And then I went through another one with the collapse of my dad's second marriage my freshman year of high school.

But divorce gave me something that I wouldn't have had otherwise - a huge family. I have a very complicated family with multiple moms and sets of grandparents but they each give me something emotionally that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

The grandmother I visited this weekend was diagnosed with cancer two months ago and I took it as hard as if she were blood. I went up the weekend after I was told about the cancer to find a lot of confusion, anger, sadness. The doctor's had told us earlier that week that she only had a few weeks. And then they said maybe chemo would give her a bit longer. And then they insisted she see one of the top surgeons in the nation in that field who said that if she got through three rounds of chemo he may be able to get rid of the cancer. I left that weekend feeling a bit more optimistic than earlier that week.

She was admitted to the hospital a week ago after her third round of chemo - a really bad reaction. But she was doing decently well this weekend since they were finally able to control the pain. But gosh that darn nausea!

I helped my grandfather do some laundry and get some groceries. And I hope I gave him a little break as primary caregiver. And I hope I took my grandmother's mind off the cancer if only for a few moments. I told her about my recent trip to Jamaica and we discussed the recent royal wedding. (To which she insisted was not anymore beautiful than our wedding. My grandfather nodded in agreement. Don't you love grandparents!)

So instead of leaving you with pictures of hospital beds, mushy food, and hair loss, I will leave you with a picture from our wedding with my "ex-step-grandparents," "ex-step-mom," and brother and sister.
Happy mother's day to all those who are mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, and those who play a motherly role in someone's life!


  1. i am keeping betty and mccarl in my thoughts and my heart; beautiful post morgan, about such a beautiful, loving couple. also, great perspective and making the divorce "lemon" into some lemonade!


  2. I love the way you think about divorce...so true. There's always some sort of silver lining.

  3. This is a really nice post, and I'm sending good thoughts your way. Ditto what Elizabeth said.


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