royal wedding bumps

I loved seeing the footage and pictures of all the guests arriving to the royal wedding last week. Obviously, the most popular accessory was a hat or fascinator. Oh how I wish this was the standard in the US for weddings!

But did you notice something else a few ladies were wearing?
Beautiful baby bumps! Ok so obviously a pregnant belly is not an accessory but I was incredibly inspired by these mamas-to-be who showed off their bump in style.

Dressing a newly pregnant body is hard enough but dressing for a special occasion is much harder. I thought I would try to help some of you who are currently pregnant and may have a special occasion to go to over the next few months. I have put together a couple of "maternity chic" options - I hope it helps!

{dress - $89.65, earrings - $24, clutch - $99, wedges - $89}

{dress - $175, ring - $45, earrings - $32, bag - $128, pumps - $99}

Any style advice for mothers-to-be?

{first two images from here and here}


  1. i thought Victoria looked beautiful and subtle. I know shes trying to keep the bump hidden and this dress did the job. It looks beautiful with the slightest hint of a bump. Truly pretty.


  2. love love love your nighttime look; embracing the new belly and curves shows off other assets, and will actually create an overall more stream-lined appearance.

    i personally love the first dress, but also know that i would be able to wear it, being so tall. shorter ladies might get lost in the fabric and feel too voluminous.


  3. posh forever! though i felt her look was a tad on the severe side - i like to see a pregnant woman in softer colors and textures but she rocks it all the same. :)
    great looks!

  4. Great fashion boards! Love the beige pumps!


  5. oh! i love that daytime dress. :D

    & thanks for your comment, i did find a really nice list of actions, which are also for pse...so it says: http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/p/coffeeshop-actions-and-presets.html
    & http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/2010/03/pioneer-woman-actions-for-photoshop-elements/

    also, i found this: http://www.texaschicksblogsandpics.com/photography-page/installing-actions-in-photoshop-elements/ which i hope is of some help. :) she seems to have some nice free actions as well. :D

  6. gah. sorry those links didn't come out...

  7. Lovely looks! That blue wrap dress is so classy!


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