journalism inspired

Did I tell you that in high school I was one of the op-ed editors for our school newspaper? Well, I didn't continue this through college even though my freshman year composition professor urged me to. I kind of wish I had taken her advice because now, after having this blog, I realize how much I miss writing.

My friend, Sig, sent me a link to this unique Kate Spade clutch (below) and I fell in love. It made me search out other newspaper inspired items.
{clutch - $125; flats - $65; earrings - $17; tee; pouch - $65}

Would you wear something newspaper inspired?


  1. Its cute but its not my style... I love those flats though.

  2. You're going to have to see the clutch in person. I received it the other day (don't tell my sister, I have to hide it from her til her bday in July)and it is seriously adorable. NO ONE WILL KNOW IT'S NOT A PAPER! Until they open it, that is. Solid post. Like the earrings, they look historical.

  3. I love all of these items, very cool aesthetic!

  4. I like that tee and the clutch a lot..Such a sweet selection! Happy Thursday, darling

  5. i love these things--and i agree with diana, i especially love the clutch and t.

  6. I'm a fan of the pouch--I think the clutch might be a bit much for me!


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