i wish i was here: cinque terre

I am going on a little holiday in my mind: a little stint in the Italian Riveria for lying on the beach, walking hand in hand through the rugged landscape, conversing (with my hands, of course) with the locals, and eating some great seafood.

Have you ever been? It is definitely on my list.

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  1. When I was studying abroad in Italy, the opportunity came up to go there...but I decided it would cost too much! :( My biggest regret ever....it looks AMAZING and I'm definitely visiting next time I'm in Italy!

  2. yes! (and planning to write about it soon-ish) cinque terre is gorgeous. i went there as a day trip from florence. had we been able to find an available room (a lot of locals rent out rooms in their homes for reasonable prices) we would have stayed the night, but we ended up returning to florence late at night (and sleeping so well after a day of swimming and hiking and waaaay too much sun). GO THERE.

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  3. my entire family is from there, but i haven't visited...yet, only oogled and drooled at the beautiful photos. one day!!!

  4. lovely, i wish i was there too :(

  5. oh gosh, i miss italy now! my family all live in naples and rome :( xx

  6. i've always wanted to visit italy~


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