a bedroom inspired by a chair

Since I helped with Kathy's yellow and grey bedroom, Pamela, Kathy's sister, also wanted a little inspiration for her bedroom in their new place. Pamela bought a fabulous chair that she wanted to build her room around. The only other thing she has bought so far was a fun black comforter.

Again, I wanted to keep it budget friendly while still incorporating the bright green and purple that Pamela wanted to work with. Since I am normally a neutrals person when it comes to decor and clothes, this was very much outside of my box but super fun to do. It is always nice to do something a bit different. (I secretly want to find a thrifted dresser and help her paint it bright green or purple with black drawers. How fabulous would that be?)

{Leaf Pillow - $60; Magenta Pillow - $30; Green Pillow - $30; Queen Headboard - $349; Chair - $280; Curtains - $79; Lamp - $25; Comforter - $50; Throw - $32; End Tables - $30; Poms - $13}

What do you all think?


  1. such a great color combo! one of my faves, actually!

  2. Those colors are perfect together and everything is really fun! ps- I'm having a giveaway today. Since I won yours, I hope you win mine!

    Have a good week,


  3. I love it and the colour combination is brilliant. Have a fantastic Monday, sweetie

    P.S: I'm hosting an amazing Fischer's dress Giveaway Reloaded today! Don't miss it!


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