weekend: excited for jamaica

my parents are petsitting - jack and my dad have really bonded . . . picking at the macaroni and cheese before dinner (not bathing suit friendly) . . . my dad, the grill master . . . a very american dinner . . . a 50th birthday cheesecake in honor of my dad
some inspiration for the coming week:

the invisible man

i need these

this nursery is beautiful

these palm trees make me so excited for jamaica

it seems like everyone has a blog these days

another reason i should really learn to ride a bike

this reminds me of college

whole outfits under $50

oh em gee. i want her hair.

Friday night was spent doing last minute packing. Saturday, I drove to the other side of the bridge and grabbed lunch and a mani/pedi with my friend, Ashley, and then we spent the cold, rainy afternoon vegging on her couch. This morning, I picked the Hubs up from a red eye flight from another business trip and then hung out with family. Loves, how were your weekends?

Oh and I am leaving for Jamaica tomorrow but there will be a few guest posts here while I am gone. Don't forget to stop by and meet some fellow bloggers!


  1. you're making me terrible hungry!!! Have a beautiful time in Jamaica.

  2. i saw that photo on slumber designs too! i want her hair as well...and her leotard.

  3. enjoy the vacation dear, you deserve it! tell papa d happy 50th for me!



  4. Have a great time! That macaroni and cheese looks delish. (I also like the new stripes!) Sorry I've been away.


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