mexican veggie plate

I really LOVE Chipotle Mexican Grill! And my favorite thing to get there is a veggie fajita burrito bowl. I recreate this a lot at home and, since I need to be in a bathing suit next week, I figured this would be a nice healthy meal for this week.

This really isn't a recipe since I make this different every time. But I figured I will tell you how I pieced it together this time, and you can use what you have at home to make your own.
Rice: I heated a little bit of canola oil in a pot and toasted long-grain brown rice in the oil. I stirred in fresh lime juice and then simmered the rice in water until it was fully cooked. Then I added a bit of chopped cilantro.

Beans: I put a can of beans (with liquid) in a pot. I added minced garlic, ground cumin, dried oregano, and ground chipotle to the pot and let it simmer. Most of the time I don't simmer it too long so the liquid doesn't fully evaporate but this time I let it simmer so the beans broke down a bit and they were somewhat "refried."

Onions: I sliced the onions and just saut├ęd them in some canola oil with a bit of salt and pepper.

Cucumbers: I just sliced them into mini matchsticks. Simple.

Tomatoes: I deseeded the tomatoes and finely chopped them. In a bowl, I combined them with minced jalepano, chopped cilantro, and fresh lime juice.

Avocado: I smashed them with a little bit of fresh lemon juice.

Sour Cream: I got reduced fat - gotta be bikini ready!

Dressing: I don't normally add dressing but I made up a honey-lime vinaigrette this time with honey, fresh lime juice, rice wine vinegar, and salt. I think it was too sweet for this and really I think this doesn't really need it.

Are there any restaurant dishes that you like to recreate at home?


  1. I just decided to visit your blog because the name of it made me smile :) I sooo miss amazing mexican food - i live in switzerland and cannot find a decent one here!

  2. I love Mexican food and this dish looks so delicious. Im totally going to try it. Thanks, sweetie. Btw: Balazs and I often try to recreate restaurant dishes too:) happy Tuesday, darling

  3. this sounds totally delicious, other than that whole reduced fat sour cream part. hehe.

    another option, which is more calorie friendly and has more protein, is plain greek yogurt. i use that as a substitute all the time.


  4. Ohhhhhh that sounds goooood. I am going to make this!

  5. mmm i want to make this at home... i usually sub plain non-fat greek yogert for sour cream when i do mexican food too! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. i love love love anything mexican!!!! DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. this plate looks sooo yummy!!!


  8. Woow that looks so good, i'm really hungry now. I love mexican food :)


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