jamaica trip: wednesday and thursday

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On Wednesday morning, I woke up at 6:20 am. 6:20! And I could not fall back asleep. Being the kind wife that I am, I decided against waking the Hubs up that early on vacation and went in search of the gym. After a decent workout, I walked back to the room only to be told by the Hubs that 7:45 was still too early to be getting up on vacation. Although I was starving, I occupied myself my taking my DSLR and going out into the beautiful morning light. After I got my lens to stop fogging up, I got a few decent pictures.
After breakfast at Bayside, we went to our little spot on the beach for a bit. While Devin went on a scuba diving excursion, Chrissy, the Hubs, and I discovered the drink, Miami Vice. It is a layered drink that is pretty much pure sugar (think a slurpee on steroids with alcohol) but it was delicious.
We also got to witness a trash the dress session for a couple that just got married from our secluded little beach spot.
After lunch and a little more beach time, the four of us went back to our rooms to shower for a little afternoon excursion to the craft market and Rick's Cafe.

{Now here is where I will give you a little bit of advice. The resort pretty much told us they would get us a taxi and it would be $35 each way, per person to get to Rick's (they also make it seem a lot further than it is). I had read otherwise and knew that if we just walked off the resort, we could get someone to take us there for near to nothing. As we were leaving the resort, the guard asked where we were going and told us that there were taxis inside the resort. We declined and told her we would enjoy a little walk first. We thought we would have to walk a few minutes for a taxi but one immediately pulled up. He told us it was $5 a person to get to Rick's. When we told him we wanted to go a few more places he pretty much told us that we just wanted us to have a good time and we could pay him whatever. He ended up staying with us at the craft market and then giving us his number - we had a cell phone which was helpful - to call him when we were were finished at Rick's. In total we paid him $60 for the four of us and he was on call for three hours.}

Our first stop, was the craft market in Negril. We had allotted ourselves about an hour here but we really only needed about a half hour (especially since every stand had very similar things.) I met a man who had family in Baltimore and we bonded over that (I grew up in Baltimore County.) He insisted that when I bought a gift for a friend's baby, that I should take a free gift as well. I declined. I really didn't need a carving of Bob Marley smoking but I am sure he could sell it to someone who would. Instead we settled on taking a picture together and me remembering that, if I saw any Jamaican wood carvers in Baltimore, he taught them everything they know.
{Another word of advice for those who have never haggled before - HAGGLE. I got a beautiful market tote for $16. She had quoted me $35. She knew I was a tourist. I knew I could get something similar (but not from Jamaica) at Target for under $20. If you aren't used to this it may seem odd at first but this is a part of their culture. And always shoot much lower than where you want to be. And don't be afraid to walk away because a) there was similar stuff at every stand and you could probably get better price elsewhere and b) they will probably not let you leave because they know this and you will get the price you want.}

Our next stop was Rick's Cafe. We hadn't worn our bathing suits since we thought it was going to take a lot longer to get there and we would be a lot longer at the craft market. We figured we would be chilly as the sun went down. We should have brought our suits. I would have definitely jumped off the lower cliff. Instead we had a few Red Stripes and watched the children jump off the cliffs instead. {Another note: Since this is a tourist trap, I expected the drink prices to be awful which they weren't. The food prices were kind of high though considering I heard it wasn't that good.}
After a few drinks, we decided we were hot and tired and were ready to go home (especially since we didn't get a table with an umbrella right away.) I wish we had timed it better to get a to see the sunset a bit later but I am glad we got to see what all the fuss was about. And since we had gotten there earlier, we were at least able to get seats and got pretty good drink service. When we were leaving there were a ton of people coming in.

Fr dinner that night, we went to the Sundowner which has Jamaican food with an Asian accent. My appetizers and entree were good but I loved my pumpkin and carrot soup!
After dinner we again were sleepy (gosh, we are boring) and decided to retire for the night.

Thursday morning, the Hubs and I decided to try the Sundowner for breakfast. Although it was good, it took a long time for our food to come. Since I was starving I "ate" mimosas while I waited for our food. An hour later our food came and I was three mimosas in. Needless to say, I slept on the beach until lunch.

That afternoon we had some fun in a big tube with the underwater camera in the ocean and then we decided to go play at the swim-up pool bar.
That night for dinner we went to Kimono's, the hibachi style restaurant. If you are planning to stay at Sandals Negril, make sure you get a reservation as soon as you arrive since it is hard to get. Our food was delicious! And our chef, Crane, was so much fun! I would request him if you end up going to the restaurant.
We even had drinks and dessert with our chef and new friends we had made at our table after dinner.
After that, we finally had our one crazy night dancing at the Piano Bar. And we went to bed after midnight!

Stay tuned for one more Jamaica post!

Do you prefer vacationing at the beach or in the mountains?


  1. These photos are great! Really make me want to go on vacation! The food looks good and the drinks look delicious! Thanks for sharing!


  2. such a fun post. that drink looks yummy! :D

  3. haha i love the singing chef! he's awesome! beautiful photos especially the one of the boy about to jump off the cliff!

  4. Amazing photos! So picturesque.

  5. wow! what a fantatic trip!! h and i NEED to go on a tropical vaca soon :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. 6:20? That's outrageous! It seems you had an amazing day though. x

  7. Your photos are fantastic!! And it sounds like you had an amazing trip. I'm looking forward to reading more about Jamaica!

  8. Your holiday looks like so much fun, jealous!


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