jamaica trip: monday and tuesday

On Monday morning, the Hubs and I woke up around 3 am, showered, and then got in the car to go pick up our friends, Chrissy and Devin. From Silver Spring, we drove to BWI. Luckily, checking in and getting through security was quick so we had a bunch of time to hang out and grab breakfast.
Our flight from BWI to Charlotte was quick and the Hubs and I were lucky enough to be upgraded to first class for our flight from Charlotte to Montego Bay. I celebrated by having a Bloody Mary at 9 30 am, chowing down on every piece of junk food they had, and taking a nap.

When we got to Montego Bay, we went to the Sandals area and grabbed some *free* Red Stripes for our bus ride to Negril. Our bus ride had a stop halfway but still was a lot quicker than the last time we were there. When we arrived at Sandals Negril, the Hubs and I found that we had been upgraded to a better room - a loft suite.
After checking out the room, we set out to find some lunch and then hung out on the beach for a bit. That evening, Chrissy and Devin came over to our room and we had some appetizers (thank you, room service) and glass of wine before heading over to Dino's, the Italian restaurant, for dinner.
I thought Dino's antipasta bar was pretty good but was uninspired by my main course. After dinner, we went back to the room to go to bed. I barely remember my head hitting the pillow.

On Tuesday, the Hubs and I woke up and went to the Bayside Restaurant, the buffet, for breakfast. We then found a great secluded spot on the beach that kind of became our own mini beach for the four of us.
The Hubs and I ventured out into the water and found pretty fish who had made their home in some nearby sandbags. I found this the perfect opportunity to play around with my underwater camera.
After lunch from the pizza stand (pretty good but not as good as the pizza at Sandals Whitehouse), I went back to our room to do Pilates (thank you, iPad) and the Hubs took a nap. Then we went back out to the beach for a bit and then came back to the room to order room service. Devin and Chrissy joined us again for a pre-dinner drink and then we headed over to Barefoot by the Sea, the seafood restaurant right on the sand.
Although I was unimpressed by my appetizer, my entree and dessert were pretty good. And who wouldn't love sitting out on the beach for a meal? We were all still pretty exhausted from the day before and our first day of full sun and drinking, so we decided to go back to our rooms after dinner and go to bed.
Stay tuned for more posts about our Jamaican adventure.

Have you ever been to Jamaica?


  1. looks like a fanatastic start to your trip! cant wait to see more!! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. How fun is the barefoot restaurant! When I was there, they had a boombox sitting on a white plastic chair with Shaggy on repeat. Love Negril! I can't wait to see the rest of your trip.

  3. Ok... All I can think about is that Bloody Mary! Yumm! Looks like fun!


  4. I love Negril. I have actually been there twice and each time we had Red Stripe waiting for us at the airport. Make sure you go to Rick's Cafe one day and eat at the restaurant Kuyaba. Have an amazing vacation.

  5. you got some awesome pictures!! sounds like a fun adventure!

  6. what fun! it looks like it was a great kick off to the trip!

  7. I have not ever been but I want to go somewhere tropical so bad! Looks like you had a great time and you look gorgeous for being up at 3am. I usually look a little cracked out when I have to get up so early.


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