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Hi everyone! I'm Mackenzie from Design Darling and I'm thrilled to be covering for La Chapstick Fanatique while Morgan takes a well-deserved break! I'm here today to share my five favorite things about spring. Hopefully it's heating up where you are so you have a reason to enjoy the season!

First and foremost, there's nothing I love more about spring than its fashion. Sundresses and sunglasses make me one happy girl! My friends and I are spending the week before our college graduation (eek!) in Hilton Head, South Carolina, so loving road trips is a must. Third, of course, is my love for pink peonies. There's just no prettier flower out there and they're best this time of year. Picnics are definitely a favorite pastime come spring when students are spending as much time as possible outdoors. Brie and baguette anyone? Last but not least is having leaves on the trees again. There's nothing a little greenery and sunshine can't cure!

{photos: 1) Lilly Pulitzer 2) Corrie Bond 3) Jordan Ferney 4) via Design Darling 5) via The Decorista}

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  1. That yellow sundress is so pretty! And I want to be laying in the sung like#4! So cute!



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