francophile friday: friday's fancies

So, I have always wanted to participate in Friday's Fancies from {long distance loving} but since we have Francophile Friday on this blog I never did. But the other day I thought, "How silly of me? Why not combine the two?" So, here we go:

Tonight, in Fantasyland, the Hubs will arrive from his business trip with two tickets in his hand for a flight to Paris. (Paris will not be six hours ahead of us and the flight will only take an hour - just enough time to enjoy a few glasses of Champagne. We are in Fantasyland after all.) I will were a pretty outfit of all French designers and pretend that I am graceful and not awkward while wearing a pair of five inch heels. Our plane will land and he will surprise me with a dinner on the Eiffel Tower. Then we will end the night with a river cruise holding each other close because it is a bit chilly but the normal kind of chilly you get on a spring night (not the awful weather we have been having here.) Tomorrow, who knows what we will do. But, for tonight, we have Paris!

{earrings from Lanvin - $690, bag from Lanvin - $1680, dress from Sonia Rykiel - $1595, pumps from Christian Louboutin - $595}

And if you really are going to Paris anytime soon, please go check out my friend's tumblr, les années folles. She had a great guide to Paris this week.


  1. love the dress! hooray for fridays fancies :) xoxo jcd

  2. this is so decadent and awesome!
    and merci beaucoup for your friend's guide - that was so thoughtful of you to let me know! she has some great tips that i will definitely use!

  3. Love the collection! Its so Vintage to me! I LOVE THAT LOOK!!!

    Have a Fancy Friday!

  4. this is beautiful! i love the louboutins and also included a pair in my FF. One day I plan to own a pair...

  5. so incredibly chic! that dress is so lovely. great blog.

    i wander, i wonder

  6. This entire look is positively KILLER. I love Paris--so of course I fell in love with this look right away. So so happy to have you linking up for Friday's Fancies...hopefully you can integrate Francophile Friday and FF again soon :) xoxo {av}

    P.S. Loads of Frenchie posts coming next week from yours truly--keep your eyes peeled!


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